Vintage shop in Korea

South Korea had come at work always.This time, it came to the research.Is there a lot of the Korean vintage shop I had heard from a friend.Came to look around the store, which has been research in advance.
First 9owls. Here, first store in the shop which was introduced previously.The shop is clean, atmosphere, such vintage shops like Japanese.
BELL&NOUVEAU.The vintage Chanel bags, bijou and studs with, here shops there are items that have been customized.
The last, JAMIE&BELL. Compared to the previous shop, the image you are messy. However, a lot of great items.And refers the price's affordable.I did not mean to buy the research of this time, but I ended up buying.This shop, there is also a second shop nearby. Accessories and clothes are two main shop.Recommended vintage shop in Korea. Try to go by all means if you have a chance to go.