I loved CHANEL vintage items.
and Gold accessory so much!

CHANEL vintage necklace

for my new diary

CHANEL vintage broach

I went to the vintage shop in Todoroki placed in the magazine.
I was surprised at the difference in excessive price when I visited vintage item,here that I always looked for in Daikanyama and Aoyama.The land where Daikanyama and Aoyama are popular,and has high popularity. Therefore the thing which sells as such even if a price is high.
But "QUU" of Todoroki feels like deviating from the place a little if the atmosphere of the shop is stylish.Still many vintage items form a line if I enter the shop,and CHANEL which I love particularly is rather much.
Because I was handy,and there was the thing which I wanted a lot,the price selected carefully and bought it.