ARMANI eccentrico exhibition

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I let "thing it that is different from the others" lacks in imagination and stand.
"Having an idea unlike a model and custom" it is to open up the new way to the trip to the space that I did not expect.
Giorgio Armani is a purist and is a discerning designer.
By the rehearsal of the show, I change a dress made for shows just before that and trim more elements and aim at that I can complete pure form.
I show fantastic aesthetics and his extraordinary vision to see whether minimalist, Giorgio Armani change the essence of things.
It is an exhibition to introduce the unprecedented dress and accessories that the person himself made select than Giorgio Armani collection to date from 1985 to.


I went in "ARMANI eccentrico" exhibition held in ARMANI Ginza store until yesterday.
I was able to photograph the art museum and exhibition of Japan when I gave it up because there was much photography impossibility.You should have taken a camera.Therefore I ride the photograph which I took with a mobile phone.

I was surprised that there was much hommage to Japan.
I was fascinated by the accessories of the design which seemed to be considered to be the inspiration of the Japanese young people fashion.

I thought that a designer in the van of the design of the times when was splendid some other time.