zoolook × X-girl SNAP CONTEST


photo by my friend mayu

I participated in the snap contest of the charity plan of the apparel bland "X-girl" and iphone application of "zooloook" the other day.
"Light up Nippon" is sponsorship in a concept to say when "cheerful with fireworks in Tohoku, Japan which there was of the damage of the earthquake disaster".The system is such that I can contribute 100 yen for 1 Loook,and 10 yen for 1 vote.The event that a participant has the chance when a mouton jacket of the 100,000 yen equivalency is, and it is possible for application even from a try-on in a shop until November 25.Challenge it if good.
and I thanks to mayu of the friend whom I invited to this plan to be able to do charity participation with a fashion and pray for early revival on a day.